Wrestlemania 25

WM25 You may ask yourself why I’m writing a review about a pro-wrestling show. This is not a mere show. This is the biggest event in sports entertainment. It happens once a year, and year after year I admire its grandeur even more. As always, it made my jaw drop.

The Grandest Stage Of Them All! It’s what everybody says about Wrestlemania every year. And this time, once again, I wasn’t disappointed. What a show! This year it was an anniversary Wrestlemania – the 25th biggest annual wrestling event. What did I like about Wrestlemania 25? Well, everything! It was awesome!

The show per se was simply perfect. It was wonderfully organized, arranged, directed, and performed, of course. It was entertaining and exciting since the beginning till the very end. Taking place in Reliant Stadium (Houston, Texas), it looked impressive. It was breathtaking when a camera showed an almost eagle-eye view of the Stadium packed full with screaming people – more than 70,000 wrestling fans. Quite a view! I also need to mention fireworks, which I always enjoy a lot. As I remember correctly, every entrance was graced with colorful, sparkling fireworks – visually beautiful. As for particular entrances, I’ll get to that later.

WMXXV started with the Money in the Bank ladder match. Since I started watching it, I immediately felt it’s going be huge, both the match and the whole show. It was intense. My front-runner was Christian. I somehow hoped for him to win. Surprisingly (or not), the match was won by CM Punk, who finding himself alone in the ring, ceased the moment, and ceased the suitcase. I liked that. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do about it, and when.

There’s no Wrestlemania without at least one non-wrestling star. This year’s star was none other than Kid Rock. That was one of the moments I relished the most. Kid Rock gave a short concert – he sang 4 rock songs, including a very cool version of “Sweet Home Alabama.” I liked that live performance maybe not because I liked Kid Rock, but because I enjoyed rock-country music. In this case, it worked superbly because of the Texas atmosphere, if I may call it this way.

During Rock’s performance WWE divas made their way to the ring, dancing and shaking this or that. The reason was the 25-Diva Battle Royal. The last diva standing was to be crowned the first Miss Wrestlemania. There wouldn’t be anything unusual about it if it hadn’t been for one “diva” in particular. Inverted commas are to indicate that it was actually a male wrestler dressed up for a woman. (!) Santino Marella, he’s the “diva” I’m writing about, entered the match in disguise. The result was unsettling and repulsive, to say the least. Santino looked like a frequenter of a gay bar. Wearing a pink skirt, black corset, pink sneakers, and a black wig, he reminded me of a poor version of a drag queen. But he won! He got a Miss Wrestlemania sash and a tiara. It was so hilarious that I wasn’t even much disturbed by his “sexy” dance he performed after winning the competition. Go Santino! Oh, sorry, Santina!

The next matches were a pleasure to watch. In a Jericho vs. the Hall of Famers match I was impressed by Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. He amazed me with his top-rope flying maneuvers. Clearly, the audience loved him, too. He cheered him enthusiastically. Although Jericho won, I wasn’t entirely disappointed. Once he was through with the Hall of Famers, he started insulting Mickey Rourke (one of my favorite actors), referring to his outstanding performance in “The Wrestler.” Then, Rourke paid Jericho back in kind. He came to the ring, and showed what a left hook meant. Jericho and his arrogant and disrespectful attitude were both knocked out.

Before three main event matches, there were two interesting clashes. First, Rey Misterio and JBL had a short, yet substantial match. There were two memorable moments about this match that even made me forget it was the Intercontinental Championship. One was when Rey Misterio popped up from under the stage dressed up as his version of Joker (it was his tribute to Heath Ledger). I was flabbergasted when I saw him. He looked absolutely awesome. Later on, JBL baffled me (and everyone else) announcing he was quitting. The second match was Extreme Rules between the Hardys. As always, they turned out extreme, and exciting. Jeff’s leap over the ladder, and his couple-meter fall from it – unbelievable.

Moving on to the main event, I had a pleasure to watch three brilliant matches. Ok, maybe two brilliant, and one good. My favorite one – definitely, HBK vs. The Undertaker. I loved the whole light-vs.-dark campaign during the pre-WM weeks. Shawn Michaels truly convinced me that he stood a chance against the Undertaker’s winning streak. And he delivered as he promised – he stole the show. It was memorable, and I believe it’ll be remembered in 20 years’ time. Two outstanding wrestlers giving their best, including all of their finishers – what can I want more? I feel more or less the same about the Heavyweight Championship match – impressive and entertaining. I don’t want to get into details ‘cause you can see it all by yourself. I just need to mention John Cena’s entrance. It was thrilling: several dozens of guys dressed as Cena himself formed a passage while the real Cena burst out as soon as his music started, and run to the ring between the Cena impostors waving their hands in the well-known “You Can’t See Me” gesture. Fantastic!

Last but not least, there remains the WWE Championship match between Triple H and Randy Orton, a match ending their fierce feud. The match itself can be called great, but I think most of fans expected a little bit more. The personal feud excited us for weeks, and it seemed there’d be blood-sweat-n-tears kind of match. However, it wasn’t as impressive as the other main events. Perhaps, it’s an impression I had after virtually four hours of a brilliant show.

All in all, Wrestlemania 25 was a slubberknocker, as JR always says. I had fun watching it, and I’ll be coming back to these matches, for sure. Such exciting four hours happen only once a year! Till the next one – I can’t wait, already.

Long days, pleasant nights,

Veronica Bazydlo

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