Terminator Salvation (2009) Dir. McG


I still can hear the music theme from the movie I watched a couple of hours ago. I expected a disappointment. But I’m not disappointed. On the contrary, I enjoyed this trip into the dark and sinister (not-so-distant) future.

The first half of the movie is great. One action sequence after another and another – without a pause to catch your breath. The music keeps up the pace with the action – great, too. Impressive special effects and pyros – I’m like a Joker, I like when things blow up. There’s a whole diversity of terminators – mototerminators are my favorite ones. Then, there’s a turning point when we find a missing piece to the puzzle: the truth about mysterious Marcus (Sam Worthington). At this point, the entire plot seems to get more and more convoluted. It finally leads to the ending – nice, but not a blast.

I definitely enjoy the cast. Christian Bale (John Connor) is one of these that make me go to the movies. However, I’d like to mention two names in particular. It’s my first Sam Worthington movie, but I already like the guy: talented, perfect for the role he’s playing, and pleasant to look at. I love the fact that his character is in focus most of the time. Fantastic! Another one is Anton Yelchin (Kyle Reese). Since it’s my second movie with young Yelchin (within a month), I can honestly say he’s got bright (acting) future before him. At least, I hope so. He’s fresh and charming, at the same time. (P.S. As much as I like the actor, I prefer Michael Biehn’s Kyle Reese. Who doesn’t, right?)

This part takes a lot of elements from the other Terminator movies. There are a few particular scenes that I immediately detected: the isolated gas station in the middle of desert nowhere, the well-known picture of Sarah Connor, the GnR music, Arnie, etc. I also noticed it took a lot from the “Aliens” (the underwater shot with the eel-like terminators (what’d you call them?)) and “The Matrix” series (I got the impression they’re gonna get to their underground city). In this regard, it is not original. There are no new ideas. I’d rather say it’s a tribute to these productions rather than a new part to the series.

All in all, I give a thumb up to “Terminator.” The machines versus the humans. This movie versus its predecessors. What comes out of it is a decent production. I’ve heard a lot of critical responses, but after all I’m happy to have seen it.

Long days, pleasant nights,

Veronica Bazydlo

3 thoughts on “…versus

  1. Well, this may not be the most insightful or smart comment, but this movie is all Worthington for me, lol. I absolutely fell in love with this actor right in the first scene and even the Pocahontas-2000-years-later Avatar movie didn’t spoil him for me. Generally speaking though, Salvation is a very good movie, although I don’t like the Terminator series much.

    • Queen of the Grubs says:

      We may have different movie tastes, but I’m with you on Worthington – he’s great!

  2. Beechbone says:

    Versus is a very strong word if you put it between “Salvation” and Cameron’s movies. Unfortunately McG’s vision of war with the machines comes downright flat out of this predicament. Sure, it’s somewhat better than “T3” which lacked any kind of creative filmmaking whatsoever and pretty much ripped off almost every single scene or line of both Cameron’s classics. Speaking of rip off, there are at least two scenes in “Salvation” stolen from “Alien 3” to name just this. But nevermind that, the worst part of this movie is it’s silly script that tries to show us the oh so popular in the last several years “origins” of the story. The problem with Terminator franchise is that we already know the future and there’s no point in showing how it all happened. The stupid plot twist near the end of the movie concerning Marcus’ mission doesn’t help either. But, let me say something good about the movie: Worthington is actually a very good actor and does a great job at portraying Marcus, period. Now that I listed all the good sides of the movie I can go back to the not so good. As much as I love Bale overall, his performance in “Salvation” is only passable. I’ll blame it on McG’s directing skills or lack of them if you will. So we have John Connor who is nowhere near as interesting as Furlong’s version from “T2” and not even similar as a character. He’s more of a machine that actual machines. And here comes yet another problem. There’s 2018. There’s apparently war between men and machine. McG by a word “war” understands one Terminator wandering through derelicted LA or whatever the city was hunting the resistance just to be… well, terminated by two kids. By the way this T-600 looks like a guy dressed as a Terminator dressed as a guy, and they dare dedicate this crap-of-a-movie to Stan Winston. I just wanted it bo be spectacular in at least visual department but there’s a new dissapointment at every step. It’s more like… errm, craptacular 😉 As far as screenplay goes, one rubbish follows another and the more I think of it my opinion is only getting worse. For me “Terminator: Salvation” is a stupid summer PG-13 one-timer that genuinly aims but falls to live up to roots of the franchise. It doesn’t deliver anything remotely close to the quality of first two movies and hate to say this, it is not humanity that needs salvation, it’s us the audience.

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