…vanishing point

The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) Dir. Robert Schwentke

Peacefulness. Melancholy. Time. Changing. Love.

This beautiful movie can be characterized by these few words. The story can also be summarized shortly: it is about a man who has a genetic disease – he uncontrollably travels back and forth in time – and about his wife who always waits for him to come back. Of course, it introduces different problems, sometimes serious, sometimes funny. Henry (Eric Bana) appears & disappears without any word of warning, for example, during his own wedding with Clare Abshire (Rachel McAdams). We may treat Henry’s actions as running away from responsibilities; Clare can’t fully rely upon him. She has to be independent, know how to take care of herself since he goes and comes so often. Then, there emerges another difficulty: Clare becomes pregnant, but the baby travels in time from the womb. How it all ends? You must find out for yourselves.

McAdams and Bana are beautiful people, and look great together. There is amazing chemistry between them, and they make a well-matched couple. They’re simply well-cast. Besides, the settings look also pretty – interior designs with an artistic touch, a mystical forest, dangerous back alleys. Visually very pleasant. Finally, there’s the music – melancholic, lyrical, perfect as a background for this picture.

As usual, I have a few ‘buts.’ It seems there’s no clear point or ending where the action goes. There’s no “core.” All the scenes are there to show the main characters, but the story doesn’t lead us anywhere, and even if it does, it’s not good enough. Moreover, there’s a theme of a passing time – we follow the life of two people, Henry and Clare, from childhood to death. The movie has an ambition to show how the time passes and decades change. However, it fails to present clear distinctions between different times – the clothes, buildings, hairstyles look only slightly different. It’s not enough to convince me.

If you’re in mood for a low-paced movie, full of melancholic images, lyrical music, pretty & talented actors that will take you to a world where love and time travels intertwine, then I recommend this one.

Long days, pleasant nights,

Veronica Bazydlo

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