Skyscraper / Skyskraber (2011) Dir. Rune Schjøtt

A bitter-sweet comedy about a boy who cuts out newspaper clip skyscrapers.

In a small Danish town one boy dares to dream big. Jon (Lukas Schwarz Thorsteinsson) is an outcast. After a traumatic childhood experience, he’s become a shy introvert. He’s a boy trapped in a teenager’s body. Edith (Marta Holm Peschcke-Køedt) is an outcast, too. Local kids reject her for her disability. Although Jon and Edith have different reasons, they want to lose virginity to each other – a symbolic step toward adult life.

Rune Schjøtt does not give us a mere story of losing innocence. There is a bumpy road before the characters become adults. Jon mans up. He needs to stand up to his dominating father, apologize to his younger friend Ben, and defend his relationship with Edith. On top of that, his mom, the vet, treats her serious drinking problem by eating loads of candy, and Edith’s father can’t be convinced to stop smiling sheepishly. The entire town is in dire need of a change.

Long days, pleasant nights,

Veronica Bazydlo

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