…vacation with movies

A roundup of my vacation movies.

“X-Men Frist Class” (Matthew Vaughn , 2011)
Two portions of mutants, plus a nuclear power from the US and Russia and a bit of JFK, and you’ve got Cold War mixed with the origins of X-Men. Excellent explanation how Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Prof. X (James McAvoy) came to be. From best friends to mortal enemies – these two are more human than anyone else in the universe. Nice trip from Nazi concentration camps in Poland to the groovy 1960’s. Kudos to Fassbender! And more Wolverine, please!

“To Rome With Love” (Woody Allen, 2012)
A sarcastic take on being a celebrity. Also, a wink at being in a relationship. Woody Allen proves it’s fun to be famous as long as you hate it and stay famous. He also proves it’s fun to cheat as long as your partner cheats on you, too. Apart from that, not as witty and hilarious as Allen used to be. Promoting Rome fit for an ad of a travel agency, but too in your face for a movie. Great thanks for Ellen Page. Please, Mr. Allen, go back to shooting in NYC.

“Traffic” (Steven Soderbergh , 2000)
Soderbergh proves the States and Mexico are alike. They both suffer from two diseases: corruption and drugs. The fight between good and evil in contrasting warm and cold colors. The legal battle versus the law of the streets. And they all serve either one side or the other. Plus, women play an interesting role: they are either victims (the junkie daughter), or a victim-turned-cold-bitch (a drug dealing businessman’s wifey). They never fight the good fight. Still, nothing is black and white. A great film!

“Brave” (2012)
“Brave” comes across as an adventure story rather than charming tale, but actually it’s more than that. It captures goofy humor and deep, emotional story wrapped in amazing animation techniques. Merida is a tongue-in-cheeck worthy representative of a new wave of princesses in animation movies (they no longer want Prince Charming or the knight in a shining armor). On the opposite side is her mother taken straight from the old animations (a lady with a sole purpose in life: to get married and become a queen). Those two worlds collide, sending a message it’s more than bow-and-arrow adventure for younger audience (Merida could stand for a female version of Robin Hood, as it was noticed). Plus, lotsa bears, some more huggable than others. A movie with a depth and a message perfect for a mother-daughter evening.

“The Bourne Legacy” (Tony Gilroy , 2012)
A decent follow-up to the mindblowing trilogy. The main couple, Jeremy Renner (aka the muscle) and Rachel Weisz (aka the brains) grow on us. Edward Norton serves us an evil look thru the entire movie. Plus, wolves, action, Matrix-like magic pills, action, crazy scientists, and some more action. It falls short in the mystery behind the Bourne story. Matt Damon still reigns. All in all, great, but I’ll stick to the trilogy.

“The Dark Knight Rises” (Christopher Nolan, 2012)
Packed with more action and bada-bum blowups than the previous two combined; a few decent twists in the plot; typical Nolan-esque humor; a new take on characters known from the comic books (Bane – nicely done); and a bit forced, convoluted ending. All in all, great entertainment, but it makes me miss Joker all the same.

Long days, pleasant nights,

Veronica Bazydlo


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