Savages (2012) Dir. Oliver Stone

Void, vain, vapid. Avoid at all costs.

The movie disappoints in more ways that could be expressed in any language. The underdeveloped characters jibber jabber about things they don’t even believe themselves. The love triangle is neither romantic nor dramatic. And sex doesn’t make things look sexy. Needless to say, the story is predictable to the point of boring us to death.

Traces of sexism and racism can be found there: white heterosexual guys get away with everything (yes, they deal in drugs, but they also do charity for none other than poor African kids); Mexicans work as gardeners turned cartel members; the blond damsel gets out of her distress without a scratch, whereas the black-haired bitch ends up badly (in both endings). Plus, slight homophobia may be sensed there; after all, the movie writhes with stereotypes about manly men: big muscles, scars, tattoos, trigger happy. Interestingly, the effeminate guy Ben (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) (he has hands delicate like woman’s hands), who’s always picked on cause of his gentle looks, turns out the only one capable of saying ‘I love you’ to his best friend Chon (Taylor Kitsch).

Terrible acting, dialogues, story. Don’t sweat it too much to look for something positive in the movie – there’s none! Oliver Stone must’ve been stoned making this one.

Long days, pleasant nights,

Veronica Bazydlo

4 thoughts on “…(a)void

  1. Beechbone says:

    Don’t get mad at a movie because it plays a little with trite stereotypes. C’mon, del Toro’s grim under his Mexicano moustache was super funny ;] And I don’t care about the tanned chick, actually I was a bit disappointed she didn’t get like totally wasted in the finale shootout… or whatever was left of it.

    • Queen of the Grubs says:

      Tarantino plays with stereotypes, Stone tarnishes them. Benicio was ridiculous, but maybe too good in his creepy role and thus unfit for the movie. As for your snark use of ‘trite’, I see ignorance doesn’t hurt, does it?

  2. Beechbone says:

    Admit it, you hate it only because of some silly political correctness. Look at it as a highly stylized work of fiction. Stone’s greatest achievement with this film is that he finally made, yes shallow, but entertaining piece that is stripped from any political, cultural, religious statement. It’s sometimes stupid and kinda WTF all over it but at the same time it’s a movie that says ‘shut up, and just enjoy it’.

    • Queen of the Grubs says:

      I didn’t enjoy the movie one bit. It misses the point about being entertaining because it’s plain stupid. Political correctness has nothing to do with it. And claiming, with a patronizing tone, it’s silly, shows your ignorance.

      Perhaps you enjoyed a tanned chick screwing two guys? I, for one, expect more from movies.

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