Searching for Sugar Man (2012) Dir. Malik Bendjelloul


The moment we hear the music and smooth, intriguingly resonant voice singing “Sugar man, won’t you hurry cause I’m tired of these scenes,” we know we’re in for a treat.

Malik Bendjelloul invites us for a journey across time and space. He wants to get to the bottom of things what happened to an enigmatic music artist Rodriguez. A flop in the U.S. and a hit in South Africa, Rodriguez rose to be more than just a brilliant musician. He became a mystery and a rebel. His music was both loved and ignored, remembered and forgotten. Unimportant in the States, he became an influence on the anti-establishment movement during the harsh times of apartheid. Unrecognized in the States, whereas bigger than Elvis in South Africa, Rodriguez is an unlikely hero in the most amazing true story.

Bendjelloul’s movie changes and transforms along with Rodriguez’s story. It goes from being a documentary to a detective story to an uplifting success story about life, dreams and music. From the very beginning, we are amazed and interested how it is possible we have never heard of Rodriguez. His voice and songwriting talent resonate with us. Each new song captures us and makes us craving for more. The movie unfolds the story with a dose of mystery, drama, optimism, excitement. It exceeds a documentary which merely shows the facts. It proves life can be more fascinating and surprising than fiction. Music speaks louder than words and this documentary is bigger than life.

Long days, pleasant nights,

Veronica Bazydlo

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