The Man from Earth (2007) Dir. Richard Schenkman


A group of college professors engage in an intellectual game, or experiment, if you will. Each of them, being an expert in a different field, asks questions about humanity and the meaning of life.

Using solely their own knowledge they ask questions we yet don’t have the answers to. However, they try to answer them or, if the answer disagrees with their field of expertise, they try to deny it or refute it. They cover the most important aspects of human history like archeology, astronomy, religion, psychology. The premise is to doubt the facts and assume what we know is a subjective perspective of other people like scientists, religious leaders, politicians, discoverers. The story is based entirely on a dialogue among friends, but it cleverly invites us to predict the next question and try to answer it before the characters do it for us. The story becomes a fascinating and engaging stimulation, which leaves us with our own thought about our life, relationships, family and time.

When the movie ended, I realized it is one of the smartest science fiction stories I have had the pleasure to see. There is no technology, no gadgets, no CGI special effects to distract us from the story (sadly, a method many mediocre sci-fi productions trick us into). Yet, the fact the movie looks for the answer what it means to be human is at its core a premise of a sci-fi genre. With the limited time we have in our lives, this movie is a time well spent.

Long days, pleasant nights,

Veronica Bazydlo


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