The Notebook (2004) Dir. Nick Cassavetes


A sappy weepy? Let’s take it up a notch!

What is so special about Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams)? Young, white, healthy, attractive people, who are irresistibly drawn to each other. She comes from money, whereas he is working class. Tragic? Boo hoo! All she has in her life is an ongoing rave of fancy dinners, high education classes, parties, and rich men at her feet. All he has is determination, excellent construction skills, and beautiful girls in love with him. Yes, there is a time apart when they miss each other immensely. Heartbreaking? Boo hoo! They somehow manage to entertain themselves in the arms of other beautiful, white people.

How is the story defending itself? They afflict Allie with a dementia, which makes her forget her children (not a big deal), and her husband and love of her life Noah (a bigger deal). It’s the last nail in the movie’s coffin: throughout the story Noah struggles to make Allie remember. And she does, at the very end. Mission accomplished. Now they can die. And they do. Together, on one bed, holding each other. Dramatic? Sad? Boo hoo! They lived a decent life, most of it together, and they were lucky enough to die at the same moment. A kind of love story that happens only in Hollywood movies. In a nutshell: 2 hours with frisky Rachel McAdams and dreamy Ryan Gosling in a tearjerker — you’ve been warned.

Long days, pleasant nights,

Veronica Bazydlo

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