Mirror Mirror (2012) Dir. Tarsem Singh


Unlike my recent adventures with movie renditions of classic tales, this take on Snow White story is a hilarious and brilliant watch. Since the first opening shots, I sensed this movie has substance and good humor. The creators had an idea what to do with the fairy tale (the very same fairy tale so brutally tarnished in Snow White and the Huntsman).

How about taking it up a notch? Let’s say the evil queen (Julia Roberts) is not only beauty and youth obsessed, but also very sarcastic, evil and bored, and thus OCD about spending royal money and throwing fancy parties. But it does not stop here. Let’s say Snow White (Lily Collins) is not only pretty, but also clever, foxy, and always meddling with a smirk on her face. Enough to get you interested? Let’s say Prince Charming (Armie Hammer) is not only handsome and valiant, but also goofy, awkward, and sometimes a bit of a loser with a tendency to being stripped naked in the middle of the forest from time to time. But the Dwarves cannot be cool, right? Let’s say the Dwarves are not only the saviors of Snow White, but they are also the local thieves, vigilantes, constructors and fighters. Each of them, played by quite famous actors, has a distinct characteristic, outstanding personality, and unforgettable traits. Each of them is also obsessed with one thing like food, money, or Snow White herself (yes, the Dwarves are sexual, emotional people).

Except for the unique combination of characters, the story is very straightforward. There aren’t many variations and disambiguation about the tale itself. It is the form, the package it is wrapped in. The sarcastic narration by the Queen is a treat and makes it very entertaining to watch. It seems characters throw more snappy comments than a ninja throws knives. Brighton, for one, the Queen’s butler, perfectly played by Nathan Lane, is so blatantly bored and disillusioned it’s surprising the Queen still keeps him. Snow White is another case. Her cheeky attitude quickly grows on us.

This movie would make every grump smile. Funny, smart, entertaining, and memorable. With a cherry on top: a Bollywood-esque dancing sequence to a song by Snow White. Filmmakers, step away from the classic tales unless you have an idea for a movie like this one.

Long days, pleasant nights,

Veronica Bazydlo

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