Frozen (2013) Dir. Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee


“Frozen” is a tale of an estranged family member with a disease, be it mental or physical. It showcases how it causes confusion, fear, and rejection in other family members and disrupts the family dynamic. One sister’s uncontrollable superpowers are a metaphor for her sickness.

It also (naively perhaps) takes on a premises that family ties are stronger than anything else, and love conquers all. It presents how to find your own worth and talent even if you are different, abnormal, special in any way. Still, the story writhes with white, heteronormative patriarchy and gender roles (there’s always some white guy to save the day and the Barbie lookalike princess). Yet, it cleverly warns us to let it go.

Long days, pleasant nights,
Veronica Bazydlo

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