Transcendence (2014) Dir. Wally Pfister


A movie that proves terrible dialogues, bland characters, empty, boring plot, and lack of any conflict whatsoever can still be found in a Hollywood production, at the same time aspiring to pseudo-intellectual debate about man versus machine. The creators clearly didn’t do their homework. Have you learned nothing from The Matrix, guys?

Let’s skip bad dialogues and boring, pointless plot that make it embarrassing to watch (esp. when you have to listen to the greats like Morgan Freeman or Paul Bettany utter those bland, corny plot “fillers”). Let’s skip the complete lack of any excitement, plot twists, drama, increasing tension, or suspense. So what is there? We have stinky cheese full of (loop)holes. More specific, we have an illogical story that contradicts itself at every angle.

We have an intelligence that is on its way to take over the world, but it stops out of love. We have an intelligence that can cure and regenerate any disease or wounds to the point a human body becomes literally immortal, but it uses its power to recreate a human body it once possessed to be able to touch his wife. Finally, we have an intelligence that auto-destructs itself by taking a deadly (computer) virus, which leads all world to lose power and go back to ancient times. By the way, good job, you rebels, fighting the Evil Genius who could end sickness and hunger on this planet and wasn’t even evil in the first place.

Where is the conflict? What are those characters fighting for and against? One thing’s for sure, they placed themselves among the most avoid-by-all-means movies in the recent years. Too many platitudes uttered, whereas no things to shake us to the core both ideology- and plot-wise. This is not Edward Scissorhands, guys, you can’t turn good old Johnny into a pleasant, compassionate, and loving character. You don’t even push the characters to ask any philosophical questions about the human nature. Instead, it’s a movie about a guy who video chatted with his wife from a computer screen. The rest might as well be a hallucination.

Long days, pleasant nights,
Veronica Bazydlo

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