What Makes a Family (2001) Dir. Maggie Greenwald


Janine (Brooke Shields) is a weak person. She is vulnerable, fragile, afraid. She lets denial and depression take over. She is an introvert. She is not a fighter or a role model. But her story is the story of separation, the separation that shapes her into a winner.

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…Vincent Price

Vincent Price’s Dracula The Great Undead (1985)

What is it? It does NOT sparkle, does NOT go around shirtless, and is the single most legendary undead of them all. If you still don’t have even a vague idea, don’t sweat it. Vincent Price explains it all.

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…Vanessa, Theo, Denise, Sodra, Rudy, Clair & Cliff

The Cosby Show (1984)

Do you know this feeling when you come back home, and comfort and safety overwhelms you? Yes? The same kind of feeling I got when I re-watched the show after many years. When I was a child, my entire family would squeeze on the sofa and laugh our hearts out during every episode. After many years, I’ve got the same familiar feeling.

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Looking for Richard (1996) Dir. Al Pacino

When the movie begins, there are images of an English castle and an American apartment building. From the first shots, Al Pacino tells us he wants to draw an analogy between the traditional and the modern. On the surface, he wants to make a movie based on Shakespeare’s play Richard III. However, it soon becomes obvious his intentions get deeper than that. Not only does he want to act out the play, but also to make people understand it. His methods are quite extraordinary.

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In Treatment (2008)

It took me a while to finish the first season since I first started to watch it. On the one hand, the pilot already got me interested. On the other, I responded emotionally to every episode. When you watch a TV show about different people coming to therapy it’s hard to detach yourself, first, from their problems, and second, from your own (I bet there’s a professional term for it). Once they analyze their lives, childhoods, relationships with their parents and partners, it becomes obvious, at some point, you’re gonna do the same, joining them in your own analysis. This is this shows greatest success: you get attached and involved, feeling it’s you visiting Dr. Paul Weston (Gabriel Byrne).

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