…Vincent Price

Vincent Price’s Dracula The Great Undead (1985)

What is it? It does NOT sparkle, does NOT go around shirtless, and is the single most legendary undead of them all. If you still don’t have even a vague idea, don’t sweat it. Vincent Price explains it all.

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…very, very bad

L.J. Smith “The Awakening” (The Vampire Diaries),
The Vampire Diaries (2009) Dir. Marcos Siega (season 1),
Stephanie Meyer “Twilight” & “New Moon,”
Cassandra Clare “City of Bones” (Mortal Instruments)

I’d like to comment on a few popular titles that I find absolutely worthless. I’m not going to review them, but rather express briefly what I think of them. From time to time, I experiment with literature, especially bestselling books, just to see what such a wide audience finds attractive. My “experiment” boils down to reading the beginning chapter(s) of a book to see how unbearable it gets (if it does).

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