What Makes a Family (2001) Dir. Maggie Greenwald


Janine (Brooke Shields) is a weak person. She is vulnerable, fragile, afraid. She lets denial and depression take over. She is an introvert. She is not a fighter or a role model. But her story is the story of separation, the separation that shapes her into a winner.

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Transcendence (2014) Dir. Wally Pfister


A movie that proves terrible dialogues, bland characters, empty, boring plot, and lack of any conflict whatsoever can still be found in a Hollywood production, at the same time aspiring to pseudo-intellectual debate about man versus machine. The creators clearly didn’t do their homework. Have you learned nothing from The Matrix, guys?

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He’s Just Not That Into You (2009) Dir. Ken Kwapis


Very lukewarm and boring, this weird multiple celebrity-headed monster speaks in outdated clichés. The message contradicts the ending. It does not make any effort to be anything but another all-white straight rom-com for young & beautiful. Sex and the City got the sex and relationship talk covered a decade ago, including the “He’s just not that into you” message (dah!). Avoid by all means!