84 Charing Cross Road (1987) Dir. David Hugh Jones


The movie smells of dust, old paper, and cigarette smoke. It clicks and clacks with typewriter sounds. It shows how to order out-of-print books, and look for antiquary bookstores. You can call it old or outdated. But it is a fascinating look at two cultures – British and American, two cities – London and New York, and two book lovers – Frank (Anthony Hopkins) and Helen (Anne Bancroft).

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…verbal abuse

Surviving Picasso (1996) Dir. James Ivory


Where is the line between love and abuse? Why does a young and intelligent woman let herself be trapped in an abusive relationship? How can an abuser be toxic to everyone around him and at the same time alluring? One woman’s journey through being put down and diminished to liberated and empowered.

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“Hitchcock” (2012) Dir. Sacha Gervasi


Why does an artist risk his reputation, career, money, and even his marriage? What drives him to work on a picture that is driving him almost to madness? What tells him to keep going against all odds – his genius or a mere hunch? The movie answers all questions with one word: Hitch.

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