…verbal abuse

Surviving Picasso (1996) Dir. James Ivory


Where is the line between love and abuse? Why does a young and intelligent woman let herself be trapped in an abusive relationship? How can an abuser be toxic to everyone around him and at the same time alluring? One woman’s journey through being put down and diminished to liberated and empowered.

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…Virgin Mary

Amador (2010) Dir. Fernando León de Aranoa

Marcela is an extraordinary character. She’s timid, taciturn, modest. She’s also uneducated and poor. But in her sad, dark eyes, there’s understanding that doesn’t come from knowledge, and ambitions that don’t come from social status. She speaks the most when she doesn’t speak at all. Her story fills the center of the movie. The themes of love, life and death are filtered through it. She experiences all of it, which makes her richer and stronger inside.

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…Van Sant

Restless (2011) Dir. Gus Van Sant

“A boy meets a girl” is still the best formula for a movie. What if a boy meets a girl at a funeral? Gus Van Sant begins his story at a memorial, which the boy and the girl attend. Nothing would be out of ordinary except two things: the deceased was a complete stranger to both of them, and it’s not the first funeral they’ve crushed for fun.

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